Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How To Make Big Lips Smaller

Big lips are the most attractive stay in ones face. Some people don’t like big lips they undergo many plastic surgery and other make up tips to make your lips thinner and smaller for ever. Here are the instructions given below to make your lips smaller for ever.

 Way 1:

If you want to make your lips small and beautiful means first you should avoid dark lipstick so that you will get bigger lips.Try to use nude and light colors to get attractive lips. Even the most beautiful lipstick is the shiny lips.


When you start applying the foundation on your face try to apply on your lips so that the color of your lips will make you appear smaller.

 Way 3:

Applying a light color lip liner will make your lips to look very smaller. Pink, peach and soft colors will make wonders in your lips. If you go for dark color lips like red, brown,  and maroon will not be looking very beautiful and very odd when you wear.

 Way 4:

If you like to try the best one you can try liposuction and surgery to get instant results for longer years.

Way 5:

Light color lip-gloss and lip shades will give fabulous results in the lips. The color of the skin tone should match the lipstick you wear light lip gloss will make wonders in your lips for better finishing. 

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