Friday, 8 June 2012

7 Ways to Make Your Hair Smell Good All the Day

Hair smell will look wonderful all the day. I have tried everything in shampoos and also by putting baby powders in there. You might want to make your hair smell all day and don’t worry let us do with some tricks.

Body spray:-
You can spray your hair with body spray that shows good fragrance in the hair by leaving the roots because it has alcohol content. Apply this spray in the morning before you start your work. 

You will have the best perfume that you will apply all the day. You can add a little bit spray in your hair for best results. This smell will get incredible all the day for better appearance.

Hair products:-
If you have curly hair then you can add a lot of hair products that are will add better fragrance. 

Great smelling shampoo:-
Shampoo is the right way to get extreme fragrance. The shampoo will get effective smell all over the day. A few products that makes our hair smell good allover the day.

Long lasting conditioner:-
 After applying shampoo you will get fragrance immediately. Conditioning of the hair will get effective results when you do proper treatment. It smells so good and lasts for long day. 

Careful with the heat:-
Straightening your hair every single day .But this will damage your hair very easily so that the smell of the burn will not come up. Straightening the hair will give best appearance but it should not have burnt smell. 

Dry shampoo:-
Dry shampoo will work well. If you don’t wash your hair properly. Make sure that you sprinkle some baby powder in your hair so that it smells too good and keep your hair fresh and smooth to keep off oil from the scalp. 

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